Working Together for an Affordable New Hampshire.

My name is Ben Ming and I’m a candidate for New Hampshire State Representative in the Hillsborough 40 District, covering Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon, and New Boston. I'm an attorney who has served on the Planning Board since the first year that I moved to New Hampshire with my family, and I want to contribute my professional and community knowledge to improve the governmental systems that we have in place to work better for the people of New Hampshire. The bedrock of all that I have been able to accomplish in life has been my ability to listen. While I have goals for what I want to support in a first term in the State Legislature, I want to hear what dreams and fears you have for yourself and your family’s future. Please read on to learn more about me and what I want to accomplish in Concord. I hope I can count on your vote in November.

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As I write this in early June of 2020, the country is in the worst turmoil in recent memory and the pain felt is something I desperately wish to fix. None of these problems can be remedied by a single stroke of a pen so, if I’m elected, these systemic problems will be in the front of my mind as I concentrate on supporting local solutions to local problems:

Stop Property Tax Increases

It's time to stop leaning on property taxes to pay for services.

I find it difficult to imagine that you or anybody else in New Hampshire are pleased with the cost of property taxes. I’m not. Our local officials are stuck with the difficult task of either putting off annual maintenance and improvements to the town...

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Retiring in Rural New Hampshire

Affordable and predictable retirement in rural New Hampshire, now and in the future.

In 2017, when the standards for the Housing for Older Persons ordinance in Hollis were amended by the voters to ease the development of such projects, the planning board heard the comments of the community. As a member of the planning board...

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Schools and Child Care

Representation for young families in uncertain times

The New Hampshire legislature needs representation of families who are trying to find a balance between an uncertain future for schooling and daycare, and their ability to work. Work for many of us is an impossibility without...

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More About Ben

Hollis Planning Board

Current Member of the Hollis, NH Planning Board

When my family first settled into Hollis, I knew that I wanted to get involved with the community because it was apparent, even before we moved, what a tight-knit town Hollis is and many towns in New Hampshire are. I feel more connected...

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For the nearly ten years that I’ve been a practicing lawyer, I’ve met and worked with many lawyers and the ones I admire the most, the ones who are able to reassure their client and deliver a positive outcome, are often able to connect with...

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We are living in unprecedented times as parents. Should we work to provide for our families or should we educate our children whose futures we care so deeply about? The answer for many, if we’re fortunate, is both. My wife and I regret nothing about...

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If I were talking to you in person right now and trying to explain to you what motivates me, not just to run for New Hampshire state representative, but in everything I do, this is the part where I might get emotional. I’m married to a frontline medical worker. This pandemic is...

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